Common to all partners for characterizing ruminant productino systems in the project countries.




This database (DB) created within the framework of the ARChE_Net project proved necessary to define the adaptation options specific to each production system. The information collected, grouped by region or study area, gives information about:

  • climatic conditions;
  • forage or grassland yields;
  • physicochemical characteristics of soils;
  • the nutritional values of ruminant feed;
  • the characteristics and performance of the animals (breed, weight, fertility, etc.);
  • fertilizing values of organic matter;
  • economic data of farms.

This DB brings together historical data from some partners, as well as new information on plants and herds collected since 2012 with the tools developed by the project. With this data, synthetic indicators of technical and economic performance of herds can be calculated (farm size, forage yield, number of animals by farm) and used for comparisons between countries or production systems.

The DB needs to be updated regularly thanks to the contribution of all the partners.

If you have any questions or require access to the Database, please contact the team via the form. To connect to the Database, please log on to the extranet tab.

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