Transfer and training

The ARChE_Net network has made it possible to build a regional network of scientific and technical partners in the Indian Ocean zone, within which exchanges of skills, tools and data, and the sharing of hosting capacities and scientific training have been strengthened. Indeed, the network has structured a training offer addressed to several audiences (students, technicians, researchers) that includes practical workshops, training on the tools used in the project, student visits and expert presentations on the themes studied. The trainings took place in the different partner countries of the network.

Training and support missions carried out

▶️ Analysis of fodder samples in Madagascar, February 2020

▶️ LASER follow-up in Madagascar, March 2019

▶️ SPIR training in India, January 2019

▶️ Training on SPIR and SMIR tools in Reunion Island



▶️ Seminar in Madagascar, November 2019

▶️ Seminar in India on the impact of environmental change on ruminants, 2017


Our theses

▶️ Support for the suckler cattle sector in Réunion - modelling and multi-criteria evaluation of scenarios for increasing production, Maximin Bonnet

▶️ Agrarian trajectories and evolution of the contribution of dairy systems to the sustainability of territories - study in two contrasting areas: Reunion Island and Andhra Pradesh (India), Yvane Marble

▶️ Development of a tool for dynamic monitoring of grassland biomasses and an alert tool for livestock in the Indian Ocean zone through the combined use of remote sensing, modelling and GIS, Cyprien Alexandre


Our internships