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This website is the property of CIRAD (International Agricultural Research Centre for Development). This site has for vocation the information on the ARChE_Net network (Adaptation of Ruminant Systems to Environmental Changes) and on the ECLIPSE project (Emerging Crop and LIvestock Production Systems adapted to a changing Environment). It will be available from March 2017.
The administration of the site as well as its editorial content are managed by the coordination team ARChE_Net/ECLIPSE, UMR SELMET.


Design and development: this site was designed with the support of the company SARL Alias IT SARL AliasITand the team ARTIST, UR AÏDA.

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For all contact related to the project: Emmanuel TILLARD and for contact related to the website: Anne-Emmanuelle LANDES


The information published on the ARChE_Net/ECLIPSE website is public; It can be freely reproduced with three conditions:

  • respect for the integrity of the information reproduced;
  • citation of the source;
  • the statement that the reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited, in this format:

©CIRAD, 'Year of production of the data'

Any use for commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited.

Editorial content

The ARChE_Net / ECLIPSE team makes every effort to provide users with available tools and reliable information. However, the data produced may be upgraded and/or modified, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information provided and the availability of these tools. Consequently, CIRAD cannot be held liable for the use of the information provided and/or the tools made available on this site.

Photographic credits

The photographs on this site are mainly from two different sources:

  • a bank of personal images;
  • pictures which have been used with the consent of the author, who is cited on the image.


ARChE_Net/ECLIPSE provides links to other sites. These sites are not part of the website and are not the responsibility of CIRAD, since it does not exercise any control over the content of these sites.
The establishment of a link to the website is not a condition of any prior agreement. However, this site must explicitly mention the names of CIRAD and the ARChE_Net/ECLIPSE website.


This web site was translated by Cláudia Caires Fernandes.
For any translation on general or agronomic and zootechnical topics into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese you can request a quotation via the following email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Amendments to legal information

CIRAD reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. The user is bound by the conditions in force during his/her visit to the website.

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