LASER: Software to help the follow-up of ruminant farms

LASER is a relational database management system for the monitoring of ruminant livestock developed since 1999 by CIRAD. Its objective is to facilitate the management of the analysis of demographic, zootechnical and epidemiological data at the animal level in ruminant herds.

It is a software package that can be used to manage various herd data (demographic, production, health, etc.). In October 2018, a training course led by Xavier Juanès and Emmanuel Tillard at CIRAD (Saint Pierre, Reunion Island) provided an opportunity to present the right approaches for designing a monitoring system, simulating several cases and proposing appropriate solutions while using the software.

In Madagascar, with FOFIFA, this tool was used to measure the zootechnical performance of various cattle breeds, thus helping to revive the Madagascan cattle industry initiated by the State.

The software is described and can be downloaded from this link: