FAST, Forage Adaptation Selection Tool

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FAST is a decision support tool for optimising herd management and forage resources.

The "expert system" is a decision support tool that makes it possible to choose, from a wide range of technical options, the forage species to be implemented and the optimal management methods for forage systems according to the environment, the farm (climate, soil) and the breeders' strategies (type of animals, type of production, level of inputs, etc.).

The system is designed to help a non-expert user to find the solution adapted to his questioning. The system includes the fact base (the expert's intangible knowledge and information inferred by the system), the inference engine (software that makes reasoning and elaborates the solution) and the interface (program for dialogue with the system).

The tool was developed during the ARChE_Net project and is a continuation and update of the "Tropical Forages" software ( developed by our Australian CSIRO partners. Indeed, the database associated with the expert system includes information on a large number of tropical and temperate forage species. This information was acquired from the CSIRO and supplemented by observations made in Reunion and Madagascar.