LASER: Software to help the follow-up of ruminant farms

LASER is a relational database management system for the monitoring of ruminant livestock developed since 1999 by CIRAD. Its objective is to facilitate the management of the analysis of demographic, zootechnical and epidemiological data at the animal level in ruminant herds.

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NIRS : Near Infrared Spectroscopy

NIRS is an analytical technic based on the concept of electromagnetic radiation absorption by organic matter. This technic allows a fast, frequent and inexpensive evaluation (prediction) of the chemical composition of various types of organic samples (fodder, fertilizer, soil...). A field portable NIRS allows the evaluation of forage quality or soil fertility directly on the farm. This action aims to develop and disseminate this type of tool for resource management in real time, as well as rationing ruminants or correct fertilization of agricultural fields.

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Goats in Mozambique © ECLIPSE project

Common to all partners for characterizing ruminant systems in the project countries. This database created within the framework of the ARChE_Net project proved necessary to define the adaptation options specific to each production system.

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