The Regional Platform for Agricultural Research for Development in the Indian Ocean (PRéRAD-OI)

The ARChE_Net network is itself registered within the Regional Platform for Agricultural Research for Development in the Indian Ocean, the PRéRAD-OI. This platform is co-funded by the European Union (Feder Interreg V) and the Réunion Region and supports several networks in several areas :

- One Health-OI network for animal and human health. It includes the TROI project which aims to strengthen the surveillance of existing animal diseases and foreign diseases potentially at risk for the area;

- The plant protection network. It includes the Epibio-OI project which aims to study and manage in an agro-ecological way the useful and harmful or invasive species in the area and protect biodiversity;

- Germination network for genetic resources. It carries out the Germination 2 project  which aims to inventory, collect, conserve and exploit the region’s agricultural plant genetic resources with a view to food security;

- Qualireg network for food quality. It carries out the Quali'Innov project that studies and promotes agri-food products;

To meet these objectives and challenges, IOC countries are focusing on research, innovation, development, training and working in a public-private network. They organize themselves within the PRÉRAD to better coordinate their actions and respond more effectively to the challenges posed within the limited time frame. This platform was born in 2014 by the signing of a framework agreement between the State, the Regional Council of La Réunion, the IOC and the Cirad.

More generally, the platform constitutes a network of immediately functional skills, of actors who know each other and have worked for many years for joint projects. It also acts as a catalyst for accelerating the achievement of research results and for the emergence of new projects and networks.