ARChE_Net network, who are we ?

The ARChE_Net network is a multi-partner network with regional projects funded by the Regional Council of Reunion, the European Union and the French Government.

It carries out projects aimed at defining regional strategies to manage the adaptation of ruminant livestock systems to agro-ecological and socio-economic changes, through the provision of innovative management tools and strengthening exchanges of skills within the Indian Ocean region.

The countries that are part of the network are: Australia, South Africa, Reunion Island (France), India, Madagascar, Mozambique and the Union of the Comoros.

The tools developed by ARChE_Net are the NIRS, the remote sensing (NDVI), the LASER software and the expert system. They will offer different management options and innovative technical routes to improve the technical and environmental performance of ruminant livestock systems, the quality of livestock production and the economic viability of farms.


The ARChE_Net network and ECLIPSE project are part of PreRad,

Regional Platform for Agronomic Research for the Indian Ocean Development.



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