ARChE_Net network

Created in 2012, the ARChE_Network is a multi-partnered regional network which includes projects funded by FEDER POCT Operational program (European Union) and Reunion Island Region. It realize projects to define regionals strategies to manage ruminant production systems adaptation to agroecological and socio-economic changes thanks to the provision of innovants tools and to the strengthening of competence exchange within Indian Ocean.

This network is composed by experts, scientists and more than 30 partner organisms which gather their competences in order to develop tools for the benefit of breeders and farmers and to encourage knowledge sharing on different technic subjects desired by breeders. In total, 7 countries are part of this network :

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The ARChE_Net network includes 31 partners in 7 countries in the Indian Ocean : South Africa, Australia, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Reunion Island, Union of Comoros.

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ARChE_Net project

The ARChE_Net project, precursor of the ECLIPSE project, ran between 2012 and 2015 thanks to the FEDER POCT Operational program.

The world livestock sector now faces a triple challenge : to increase production while adapting to the changing environment and limit the impact on the environment in order to ensure its sustainability

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ECLIPSE project

The ECLIPSE project (Emerging Crop LIvestock Production System adapted to a changing Environment) follows the ARChE_Net project and work within the Indian Ocean with 6 partners countries :

  • Australia
  • India
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • Reunion Island
  • Union of Comoros
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