Hydroponic fodder for cattle breeding in urban areas

a researcher watering the hydroponic forage trials

Population growth and urbanization affect the livestock sector, which is the main source of animal protein for the population. In fact, grazing land is shrinking while the demand for food continues to increase, especially in urban areas. To face this issue, the ECLIPSE Madagascar team (FOFIFA/DRZVP) in partnership with the Malagasy Institute for Veterinary Vaccines (IMVAVET) undertakes researches on the production of hydroponic fodder for ruminant feed.

This article has been written by RAZAFINARIVO Tsiri, RASOANOMENJANAHARY Auldine, ANDRIAMBEROMANGA Manovosoa, RAZANANORO Erline, MINIMINY Noelin.

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Report of the 2019 forage seminar is now available

the forage seminar of the ARChE_Net network, ECLIPSE project november 2019

From 25 to 28th November 2019, the ECLIPSE project held its seminar on forage in Antsirabe. Three days were devoted to lectures on multi-species fodder crops, alternative fodder resources and forage conservation. The last day was devoted to the visit of breeding farms and the FIFAMANOR experimental farm (fodder collection, laboratory). Check out our seminar report here