Meet Manouche the manager of a cow nursery (SICALAIT)

The SICALAIT is a partner of the ECLIPSE project. It is an agricultural cooperative created in 1962 in the commune of Le Tampon on Reunion Island. Every Wednesday, it paints the portraits of the women and men working at SICALAIT : farm worker, milk collection manager, breeder... Discover here an excerpt of the #visagesdelaSICALAIT (« the faces of the SICALAIT »). Find out all their portraits on their Facebook page or in their Youtube Channel.

This article have been written by the SICALAIT and the photo has been taken by the SICALAIT, all rights reserved.


Emmanuel DEURVEILHER better known under the name "Manouche" is the manager of the SICALAIT nursery where he has been working for more than 20 years.

HIS JOB: I am a farm worker specialising in monitoring breeding calves. I collect female calves at birth from all the dairy farms on Reunion Island. I make them grow from 0 to 3 months, before handing them over to the Ferme de la SICALAIT. The female calves are collected by their breeders around the age of 2 years after being inseminated. I take care of about a hundred calves.

HIS BACKGROUND: I studied for 2 years at the agricultural high school of Saint-Joseph where I obtained a professional degree in agriculture, mixed farming and animal husbandry.