Seminar in India : how do environmental changes impact ruminants ?

A total of 18 people attended the seminar, representing 8 institutions. 4 Indian experts intervened during the seminar.

 Presentations focused on :

The impact of livestock activities on the environment - Mathieu Vigne
The impact of drought on forage systems - Guylain Grange
Assessment of adaptive capacity in the field (LASER tool) - Julia Vuattoux
Environmental constraints related to climate change and their impacts on the production and adaptation of small ruminants - Sejian Veerasamy
The impacts of climate change on small ruminants: adaptation and mitigation strategies for the sustainability of production systems - DBV Ramana
Experiences of environmental impact on livestock - Suresh Gokhale
BAIF's Experiences on the Development of a Computer Tool for Livestock Data Collection - Tejashree Shirsath
The impact of climate change on buffaloes - Kondal Reddy
The impact of heat stress on animal husbandry: case studies in Reunion and Mayotte - Julia Vuattoux and Emmanuel Tillard
Adapting livestock systems to maintain productivity in the face of climate change: the case of Australia - Michael Friend