FOFIFA welcomes a SPIR expert in Madagascar

From 24 to 28 February 2020, FOFIFA welcomed Serge, a NIRS expert from Cirad in Saint-Pierre (Reunion island). These few days were an opportunity for the partners to work together on a collection of crushed dried fodder that FOFIFA has built up during varietal trials.

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PVNR TVU : Guar meal as a binder to prepare complete feed blocks for ruminants

Due to population pressure and urbanization, the land for fodder production has dwindled alarmingly and the cereal crop residues like paddy straw, sorghum straw, etc have become the major sources of feed for the ruminants. But these crop residues are low in nutritional value, fibrous and bulky and thus attempts are made to improve nutrient utilization from these crop resides by various methods and densified complete feed block technology is one of them. 

This article has been written by K Kondal Reddy and D Nagalakshmi, PVNRTVU, Hyderabad. 

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Meet Manouche the manager of a cow nursery (SICALAIT)

The SICALAIT is a partner of the ECLIPSE project. It is an agricultural cooperative created in 1962 in the commune of Le Tampon on Reunion Island. Every Wednesday, it paints the portraits of the women and men working at SICALAIT : farm worker, milk collection manager, breeder... Discover here an excerpt of the #visagesdelaSICALAIT (« the faces of the SICALAIT »). Find out all their portraits on their Facebook page or in their Youtube Channel.

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