ECLIPSE World : portrait of FIFAMANOR in Madagascar

Every month, we take you to meet with our partners around Indian Ocean. In March, let's head for Andranomanelatra where FIFAMANOR contributes to research on the development of livestock breeding in Madagascar. Created in 1972, FIFAMANOR (Fiompiana Fambolena Malagasy Norveziana) has had the status of a French Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment since 2013.

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Africa Milk project © P. Salgado, Cirad

What they do 

FIFAMANOR has several missions:

◾ Promote the cultivation of wheat, triticale and other cereals

◾ Promote the cultivation of potatoes, sweet potatoes and occasionally other tuberous plants

◾ Promote the production of fodder seeds

◾ Promote milk production

◾ To serve as a centre of competence for the above activities, in particular with regard to varietal improvement, in vitro cultivation, basic seed production, genetic improvement of the dairy herd, registration in a herd book of the dairy herd and artificial insemination

◾ Support farmers' associations of producers in these areas

◾ Serve as a training centre for technicians and farmers

◾ Promote innovative techniques in conservation agriculture

◾ Support the promotion of "agri-business

◾ Develop the processing of agricultural products

The structure works particularly with producers in the Highlands Region (Vakinankaratra, Itasy, Analamanga) and other regions with high agricultural potential. However, it also works with all rural development partners and intervenes, within the framework of partnerships, throughout Madagascar. FIFAMANOR is also a founding member of the GSDM.



FIFAMANOR collaborates with:

◾ International research centres such as CIRAD, IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), CIP (International Potato Center) or ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute). For example, FIFAMANOR, in partnership with a consortium to which CIRAD belongs, coordinates the Africa-Milk project, a research and innovation project that brings together research and private sector players in Africa and Europe. The structure also promotes the multidisciplinary research and teaching programme of the SPAD (Altitude Production Systems and Sustainability in Madagascar) in collaboration with IRD, CIRAD, AFRICARICE, the University of Antananarivo and FOFIFA

◾ The European Union and the African Union and is coordinating the ECOAFRICA project (Ecological intensification pathways for the future of crop-livestock integration in African agriculture)

◾ The Socodevi association within the framework of the CASEF project for technical assistance to the agricultural value chains of the Hautes Terres (potato, milk and animal feed sectors)

◾ The African Development Bank within the framework of the Programme for the promotion of youth entrepreneurship in agriculture and agribusiness

◾ Government bodies for the implementation of government programmes FANORO (genetic improvement and milk quality improvement) and TITRE VERT (1ha land allocation for young entrepreneurs with a repayable farm loan)


William RAKOTOMALALA (Director)

Téléphone: +261 20 449 9139