FOFIFA welcomes a SPIR expert in Madagascar

From 24 to 28 February 2020, FOFIFA welcomed Serge, a NIRS expert from Cirad in Saint-Pierre (Reunion island). These few days were an opportunity for the partners to work together on a collection of crushed dried fodder that FOFIFA has built up during varietal trials.

Serge supported the project of spectral collection of different forage samples in various ways :
- Installation of a perpetual Unscrambler 10.3 license
- Setting up the procedure for installing and checking the correct operation of the spectrophotometer
- Implementation of a coherent and unique codification of the samples in Excel file
- Scanning of the samples according to the crushed dried fodder procedure, i.e. 5 subscans per sample
- Training on the analysis of collected spectral data
This mission was punctuated by a day on the theme of fodder organised by another member of the ECLIPSE project, the MDB (Malagasy Dairy Board), in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in Soavinandriana, Itasy Region, Madagascar. On the campus of the University of Soavinadriana, about ten participants and a hundred visitors have attended a demonstration of the SPIR tool by FOFIA - DRZVP.