The second "National Heritage Foundation Prize for Animal Agrobiodiversity" was given to Max Fontaine (APPER - Association for the Promotion of Heritage and Ecology on Reunion Island) at the last International Agricultural Exhibition.

On 2 March 2017, at the International Agricultural Exhibition, the Heritage Foundation and Ceva Santé Animale gave the "National Heritage Foundation prize for Animal Agrobiodiversity" to three associations committed to the preservation of a regional breed of farm animals: the Sasi Ardi sheep of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (1st prize), the Moka bovine of Reunion Island (2nd prize) and the Boulonnais du Nord sheep (3rd prize).


The Association for the Promotion of Heritage and Ecology on Reunion Island (APER,, chaired by Mr Max Fontaine, received the second prize for its work to safeguard and add-value to the Moka bovine breed of Reunion Island.

From a complex history made up of multiple influences that make it unique, Moka is a beef breed with several abilities peculiar to Reunion island. It has recently been registered in the breeds official catalogue of the Ministry of Agriculture. Safeguarding and promoting Moka bovines is a common objective for agricultural, naturalist and scientific professionnals. To help with the establishmentof new livestock producers, to add-value to the products directly or indirectly from the Moka beef through short food channels, to develop communication actions towards local consumers and farmers, are the main lines of action on its behalf. “The jury wished to encourage this great initiative overseas to put in place a plan to safeguard this breed which could disappear”.

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